Modern Medicine and Governments are Going Down, Part I

Canadian Father Unloads on Kiwi Pharmacist

At least, the father sounds Canadian to me.

It’s been about a week since I’ve tapped into news or any Substack articles. I started to get caught up this morning.

This video speaks for itself. When I listen to things like this, there is no way in my mind that any of this ends peacefully, because medical professionals, Big Tech, and governments are not reversing course. They are doubling and tripling down on censorship and lies. But people are finding out how dangerous the shots are and there’s no way that will be stopped.

Add this to major national security, supply chain, and energy crises that are being deliberately exacerbated by western governments, especially the US, and what do you get? Chaos and violence.

Chaos and violence are generally avoided by humans, except when chaos and violence are the only means of avoiding even worse fates.

Trigger warning: ends with rough language.


Medical Tyranny
Medical Tyranny
Monica Hughes PhD