Hello Americans!

From Russia With Love

Regarding the video above, you have to have a little fun with things now and then! If you don’t you’ll go crazy.

I could easily spend my entire day linking to the latest pandemic and political commentary given the flood of information coming from all directions. However, I trust that most of you are already following other sources on these matters, and division of labor is a wonderful thing.

Coming soon from me:

  • a comprehensive post compiling what we know about how covid vaccines might affect fertility. This post will be generalized but somewhat speculative.

  • an introductory post on Coley’s toxins, with more to follow in the series. The Coley’s toxins posts are slower to take shape because, like my Vitamin C skullduggery piece, I want them to be more well-referenced rather than the freewheeling and lighthearted pieces I sometimes put out.

I have experimented with making the comment sections for paid subscribers only, but I’m likely to do away with this. Let’s keep it simple: if you appreciate my content and can afford it, feel free to subscribe and buy me a coffee!

Let me know in the comments if there’s anything else you’d like to see me write about, or if you would appreciate more “Roundup” type posts. I very much enjoy reading your comments and engaging with you all, and I appreciate your support.

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