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There is a ray of hope! My son and daughter-in-law aren’t going to vaccinate my two grandsons (3 1/2 and 16 months) any more. And a number of their friends are doing the same. 🤗🤗

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I'm a "boomer." So many people in my age group love their shots - flu, shingles, pneumonia, covid - and pharma products. I have little in common with them.

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My good friend, early 60s, just told me she's heard another jab is coming the way of the over 65s in the UK. I told her my mum got blood clots after the booster, and that my triple Pfizer brother is now waiting for major heart surgery. 3 shots and 2 bouts of covid in, she's now beginning to question the wisdom of her decisions. It's taking a long time and the suffering of others but people are finally getting there.

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And now that the FDA no longer will require safety trials. we all better settle down, strap in, and watch our backs.

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Anyone who listens to the side effects on most of the Pharma crap advertisements will either cower in fear or break into raucous laughter. No in-between. However, deciding to "ask your doctor" about almost any of that crap is the sign of a complete moron. Just facts.

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Horrifying. I'm really upset right now because my husband's cousin, who lives with us, just informed me that his mom "vaccinated" his 11-year-old sister. I had offered to talk to her but she didn't take me up on it. Just sent her a bunch of messages anyway begging her not to give her daughter the second dose. Makes me so angry but it's not really her fault, all the propaganda is telling her to do this. I can only hope Toby Rogers is right and this brings down the pharma cartel, but the amount of death and suffering that may take is awful to contemplate.

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I suspect you're right. In the meantime the best most of us can do is insulate ourselves from the worst of it. Easier said than done depending on one's country of origin.

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Hearing many stories through the grapevine of various people "having second thoughts about boosters" but I'll admit conviction matters a lot more than doubts at this rate.

people are being squeezed from every direction and we already have compliance rates far beyond rational levels. If people thought "they had no choice" before...I'm very worried about the decisions we'll all be facing moving forward.

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5-10 years, could be. Good to be prepared. I'll stay open to a whole lot sooner though.

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I remember in a waiting room somewhere the TV was on and an ad came on for I believe it was an allergy product. One of the side effects was “anal leakage”. For most people that would be a clue…

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So disheartening but I’ve known all along it wasn’t going away anytime soon & will be back w/ a vengeance, no matter how true & devastating the news is that is coming out every day on the death & damage. I know so many true believers who refuse to admit they have been & continue to be wrong about every bit of it….

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Is this like that prediction that nuclear fusion power plants are just 10 years away in 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010, 2020....?

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Sad, but true.

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Totally agree!!

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This poem and more like it keep my heart open and flexible.

"My soul, where are you?

Do you hear me?

I speak, I call you,

are you there?

I have returned,

I am here again.

I have shaken the dust of all the

lands from my feet, and I have

come to you, I am with you.

After long years of long

wandering, I have come to you


Should I tell you everything I have

seen, experienced, and drunk in?

Or do you not want to hear about

all the noise of life and the world?

But one thing you must know:

the one thing I have learned is

that one must live this life.

Do you still know me?

How long the separation lasted!

Everything has become so,


And how did I find you?

How strange my journey was!

What words should I use to tell

you on what twisted paths a good

star has guided me to you?

Give me your hand,

my almost forgotten soul.

How warm the joy at seeing you

again, you long disavowed soul.

Life has led me back to you.

Let us thank the life I have lived

for all the happy and all the sad

hours, for every joy, for every


My soul, my journey should

continue with you.

I will wander with you

and ascend to my solitude."

♥️ C.G. Jung, The Red Book:

Liber Novus

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Polypharmacy has been the American trend. So much of the population barely functional with their prescripts, and -- in the short term -- completely dysfunctional without them. Will we see a national shift to lifestyle medicine? To people actually taking responsibility for their health? I am not that optimistic. I think too many of our legalized addicts want to continue their addictions. If you mean that American Big Pharma is losing all legitimacy, yes. I think the mRNA vaxxes have been a wake-up call for Europe. Stop trusting the USA. Don't blindly "follow the science" when the Fauci "Science" follows the money. So I hope you're right, but I don't see simple truth prevailing over habit.

For what it is worth, a data breakdown on American prescription drug use here: https://americanexile.substack.com/p/americans-are-taking-more-and-more

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