Thank you, Dr. Monica,

For years I used to read The War on Cancer column in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients. To see this article about him and you sharing the letter by Dr. Linus Pauling, brings to mind several other medical freedom advocates, some gone now: Dr. Bernard Jensen, whom I learned Iridology from before you were born, Dr. Henry Bieler, who wrote Food if Your Best Medicine. Dr. Dana Ulman, a homeopath who is writing now on substack. . . Of course there are a great many others. In the early 1970s I would read Prevention Magazine and have to say, in addition to my medical freedom dedicated mentor, I was changed forever . . .

Here are some links:

Ralph Moss, PhD


Dr. Henry Bieler



The Linus Pauling Institute Micro-nutrient Center (at Oregon State U, where I studied pre-med)


Dana Ullman's substack page


Bless you. May the real medical freedom advocates step forward, with the knowledge, power and devotion to healing that will save the human race.

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To me it makes intuitive sense that certain seeds are medicine for cancer, as seeds contain all the instructions for proper plant cell growth. Incredibly angering that anyone would supress that knowledge but sadly I am not suprised when there's so much money in the cancer treatment game. Money wrecks everything when it's so perverted.

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Thanks for this! I recently posted about Colle's toxins and fenbendazole with references and mercola has interviewed an expert involved with successful trials of mistletoe for solid tumors.




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Since 1994, I direct a fasting course program on Koh Samui called Dharma Healing. Fasting. Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Chiang Mai and also Bali, are Meccas for fasting and detox. I was the second fasting center in SEA. Fasting is my life--I believe it is the most natural gift humans have to heal, the body, the mind, emotions and society. It can be practiced along with several other amazing therapies. I have been fasting since I was in elementary school. Intermittent fasting, with a window of 18 or so hours everyday since then. . . . There is a lot to share on the topic. If you would like a pdf of my course book, I am happy to send it to you.

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Interestingly many years ago William Burroughs favored D over C. And a recent PubMed piece shows D is effective. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33540476/

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Having 2 family members suffer and die from cancers, it was really eyeopening to discover many successful cures which have been suppressed by TPTB which I only learned about since researching on the plandemic. Thank you for providing this info.

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Cancer is a lifestyle disease and there are MANY effective treatments.

One of the bests is Gerson therapy - there are many more not mentioned here. Some are dead cheap and curative. Look up Max Gerson's story.

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"I am from the UN, let me lead you..."

"I worked with the CIA, let me lead you..."

"I built bioweapons, let me lead you..."

Monica, you and I have been here for decades, and we're not trying to lead anyone, except to lead themselves. Huh.

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Lots of phoneys around for sure.

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Thanks for reply. Turns out Burroughs was discussing the common cold. And in this context he thought D was better. Burroughs was of the belief that the entire system was based on vested interests, and explained that ‘the police have a vested interest in criminality. The narcotics department have a vested interest in addiction. Politicians have a vested interest in nations. Army officers have a vested interest in war…’

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Curious....Any thoughts on fenbendazole?

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Hey Monica, good to see you back.

Speaking of Pauling, I've often wondered if the decline in heart disease in the 70s had any correlation to the publication in 1970 of his book Vitamin C and the Common Cold. I remember my parents going on a vitamin c kick and I'm sure many others did too.

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You can't be a real medical freedom advocate without also being a real political freedom advocate, and you can't be a real political freedom advocate without knowing the intrinsic connection of reason and liberty. Ultimately there are no big conspiracies, just widespread irrationality; in the final analysis it's a problem with the public, not a problem of institutions per se, which really only reflect the public sentiment in basic terms.

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